Cascadas in Cafayate

The excellent blog has a good article regarding the trip to visit the Rio Colorado Waterfalls. 

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In addition, there is also the following article  on with more information on the trip to the Cascadas del Rio Colorado :

Cascadas del Rio Colorado

The scenery is stunning, beautiful, nature in all its design. Be sure to make this visit with a hired guide, so you can understand and enjoy it more. The tour of Cascadas del Rio Colorado can be dangerous because of its heights and the fragility of the tracks. It is not recommended to explore the Cascadas during the rainy season. The tour has 3 options up to the third waterfall, until the fifth and even sixth. A guide is essential and a good guide makes all the difference.  The skilled guides can help bring you to the best local places for diving and various other attractions. The complete tour lasts an average of 5 hours, but it is all worth it. Although most of the paths are clear with well- marked trails, there are portions of the trail that leads to a rocky river. In some places, the hike becomes more difficult and people with reduced mobility may suffer enough. Bring enough drinking water; wear warm clothes, and appropriate hiking shoes to enjoy the excursion.

You spend three hours to do trekking in the mountains, going up and down, looking for waterfalls and viewpoints. It crosses the river several times, stepping in the water, climbing up and down the mountains through the stones. It is for this reason why you must do it with a local guide, otherwise it is easy to get lost and even get hurt. It is a hard road, but for anyone who is in good physical condition and not afraid of heights, it is worth doing.



Climate in Cafayate

Most of the year is complete with sunny days and mild temperatures.  The average annual temperature in Cafayate is 16.2 Celcius or 61.88 Fahrenheit.  The average annual rainfall is 186 mm.  There are about 300 sunny days per year, so it actually does not rain often.

Due to the large fluctuations between day and night, it is recommended to bring a coat with you.  Remember that Cafayate is on an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level.

January is the warmest month, June is the coldest.  It rains the most during January, the least during May.

Below you will find a graph showing the average temperature and average rainfall during the year.

Combined climate Table

Wines in Cafayate

No visit to Cafayate can be complete without visiting a winery and tasting some Malbec and especially Torrontes wines.

First of all, there is the Wine Museum (“Museo de la Vid y el Vino”) to visit. The museum is open from 10.00AM till 19.00 PM, Tuesday till Sunday.

Then there are the guided tours in many of the local bodegas. Bodegas Nanni, Etchart and Piattelli are popular wineries for a guided visit. Their wines are also highly recommended. There are many other bodegas, such as Porvenir, Vasija Secreta, El Secreto, etc….

A good wine shop with correct prices and a great selection – among the many available in Cafayate – is located across from the restaurant Baco. (Ruta 40/Avenida Gral Guemes Norte).

The following site gives an overview of the wines available from Cafayate.  Here is more information regarding wine tasting in Cafayate.  Cafayate wines are praised here and also here.  The following website gives their opinion of a ranking of Cafayate wines.

On this excellent blog, written by people who actually live in Cafayate, you can find some recommendations of quality wines.

Below you can find some practical information on bodegas to visit:

Vasija Secreta:

This bodega is open from 9am-1pm, closed for siesta then opens again at 2:30pm-6:30pm. (Address: RN 40 S/N)

Pena Veyrat Durbex:

This bodega is open every day from 11.00 am till 18.00 PM. (Address: RN n68 km 18)


Nanni is open Monday to Saturday from 10am with last tour given at 6pm, tours offered on the half hour. It is closed for siesta between 1pm – 3pm (but still open for lunch). Sunday it is open 11am with last tour given at 5:30pm, and is also closed for siesta (but still open for lunch) 1pm – 3pm. (Address: Silverio Chavarria 151)

Salvador Figueroa:

Monday till Saturday from 09.30 AM till 12.30 PM and from 15.00 PM till 19.00 PM. Sunday from 10.30 AM till 12.30 PM. (Address: Pasaje 20 de Junio 25)


Open from 09.30 AM till 18.00 PM. Visits in Spanish at 10,12,13,16 hours. Visits in English: 11,15 hours. Restaurant is open from 12.30 PM till 16.00 (Address: Ruta Provincial 2)

San Pedro de Yacochuya:

Monday till Friday from 10.00 AM till 17.30 PM (Address: Finca Yacochuya)

Tierra Colorada:

Every day from 10.00 AM till 18.00 PM (Address: Ruta Nacional 68, km 10)


Only on reservation (RN40 – km 4326)


Please feel free to send any updates and suggestions.

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